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Recital Information


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Winter Wonderland Recital Showcase

Crosby American Legion Hall

Saturday, December 14, 2019

10 AM - 3:30 PM

Our commitment is to properly inform our studio families and guests on all information regarding the recital for a smooth and enjoyable process. Below you will find an outline of all upcoming recital details.


Crosby American Legion Post 658

14890 FM 2100, Crosby, TX 77532

Performance Schedule

Each year we try to improve and better meet the needs & wants of our studio families. With that in mind, we are hosting a Winter Wonderland Showcase & Reception this year for our Christmas Recital. Each class will have a dedicated performance time exclusively for that class! After the class performs, the fans and performers will have the opportunity to socialize, take photos, and have light refreshments.

Schedule of Performances
Perform-        Class            Class
ance time        Time               Name                                   

9:15 AM       Wed 5:30      Preschool/Kinder Cheer & Tumble     (Trisa) **UPDATED**

9:30 AM       Thur 6:15      Preschool Acro     (Heather) **UPDATED**

9:45 AM       Tues 5:45      Beginning Acro     (Tara)  **UPDATED**
10:00 AM     Tues 6:45      Intermediate Acro     (Tara)
10:15 AM     Thur 7:15      Beginning Acro     (Heather)
10:30 AM     Mon 5:30      Beginning Acro     (Trisa)
10:45 AM     Tues 7:45      Advanced Acro     (Tara)
11:00 AM     Thur 5:15      Kinder Acro     (Heather)
12:00 PM     Wed 6:45      Elem. Cheer & Tumble     (Trisa)
12:15 PM     Thur 7:30      MS/HS Technique     (Erin)
12:30 PM     Tues 6:45      Production Team     (Heather)
12:45 PM     Wed 5:00      Preschool Dance 4yo     (Brittany)
1:00 PM       Thur 6:30      Kinder Dance     (Erin)
1:15 PM       Mon 6:00      1st/2nd Grade Combo     (Sarah)
1:30 PM       Wed 6:00      3rd-5th Grade Combo     (Brittany)
1:45 PM       Mon 6:30      Preschool Dance 3yo     (Trisa)
2:00 PM       Mon 5:00      Kinder Dance     (Sarah)
2:15 PM       Wed 7:15      Elem. Hip Hop     (Brittany)
2:30 PM       Thur 5:30      Preschool Dance 4yo     (Erin)
2:45 PM       Tues 2:30      Homeschool Combo     (Heather)
3:00 PM       Mon 7:30      Elem. Tap     (Trisa)


Ticket Information

  • Performers do not need a ticket. Every other person over age 12 must have a ticket. The ticket is good for the whole recital.

  • Spectators can purchase tickets for $5 in advance in the office or by phone, and at the door. There is a $1 processing fee per transaction for credit card orders.

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check.

  • A portion of ticket sales will be donated to charity!

A Few Reminders...

  • Spectators MUST be on time. We have a very tight schedule and want to be respectful of everyone's time.

  • Bring your wristbands, or allow time to purchase/pick up. All spectators are required to WEAR the wristband.

  • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the performance time. 

  • Each class' rotation will last about 30 minutes. 15 minutes for the performance, and 15 minutes for the reception. Light refreshments will be served!

Recital Bouquets

rainbow roses.jpg


Pre-Order Deadline: Thursday, December 5, 7:30 PM

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