Trisa is new to Houston, a native of Lafayette Louisiana, where she has taken dance for over 23 years and has taught and shared her love for Dance for over 5 years. In high school, Trisa was apart of the cheerleading team, serving as Captain, where she's participated in cheering in games and at competitions. During her senior year of high school, she went and auditioned for a dance school in New York City,  AMDA, where she was accepted and received a scholarship. She then, instead, decided to stay in her hometown to earn her bachelors in Architecture and where she can continue to teach and inspire young children to dance.  Upon graduating in the Spring of 2017, Trisa  continued to follow her passion and continued to teach dance even while moving to Houston. Dance is a major part of her life and she plans to continue dancing and teaching for as long as possible. She enjoys working with kids and her excitement is shown through her passionate and energetic personality which makes her students excited and eager to learn.

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