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Performer Information

The Dress Rehearsal - Sunday December 4


  • December 4, 2022 @ Lee College Performing Arts Center - arrive 5 min before your scheduled showtime (2pm and/or 5pm).

  • Dress rehearsal is VERY important to the success of our shows!

  • Dress rehearsal is MANDATORY for all performers.

  • Wear costumes for dress rehearsal.

  • Hair must be styled according to our recital guidelines. Makeup is OPTIONAL for the dress rehearsal but encouraged.

  • Performers are able to practice on the performance stage to feel more comfortable and confident.

  • We can identify and solve potential problems in advance with this "test run!"

  • Please, only one chaperone/guardian per family at the dress rehearsal.

The Recital - Sunday December 11

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  • Arrive 30 minutes BEFORE your performance time on recital day - please be on time.

  • Changing areas are available for performers with a costume change.

  • Your account must be current/zero balance to perform in the recital.

  • Bring a t-shirt/sweater/jacket to wear between shows/after the performance.

MAKE-UP - RECOMMENDED if allowed by parents

  • lipstick (RED for most classes, BRIGHT PINK for some)

  • mascara

  • eyeliner (bottom is best)

  • blush

  • a "smoky" eyeshadow (this is basically light on top & dark on bottom)

  • brow pencil

The goal is to make the performer's features STAND OUT!


See costume checklists below for specific hairstyles (examples below). Note: You can use foam/sock bun makers, bobby/hair pins, gel, hairspray, or other hair accessories that do not show or call attention. Hair is to be slicked back without hanging pieces. Please no EXTRA hair pieces, bows, or decorative clips.


Low Bun

Low Ponytail 

(part above performer's R eyebrow for either style)

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 6.26.28 PM.png

JEWELRY: none. Please remove ALL jewelry IN ADVANCE of arrival!


TIGHTS: ALL PERFORMERS MUST WEAR TIGHTS (except Hip Hop 2/3). All tights must be the same as the ones that come with your costume. Panty hose or any other colors are not acceptable. Additional tights are available for purchase if needed.

UNDERWEAR: We recommend no underwear with tights. The tights have a built-in liner. If your student must wear underwear, please make sure it is not showing!

Guidelines By Class:

Click on your (student's) costume below for costume checklist. If the popup doesn't open, try switching to "desktop view"

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